Refinements of field and focus. The directionality of the arrows is misleading. How do these topics relate back and forth. What is the hierarchy of their relationships? Is there one? The interconnected nature of the topics proposed may call for a completely different means of representation.     Inverted roles of the architect is based […]


STATEMENT OF RESEARCH     TOPIC:   The relationship between computational technology and project delivery methods in architecture and construction, and how these processes in architecture compare to design and manufacturing in the automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries.       QUESTIONS:   How has digital technology in architecture evolved and how has it changed […]

PROJECT SCHEDULE – FALL 2013 9/16-9/22: Refining the Topic Through Speculative Questions, Establishing questions on the topic Establishing questions on my process: How do the questions posed lead to the description of a problem? How and why is this relevant? Establishing a position Research: placing myself within contemporary thought Begin written abstract draft on my […]

  “The design of how we go about designing, and ultimately making, circumscribes what we make. It controls the art found in its quality, scope, or features and also the resources of time and money expended on its production. This reality is completely contrary to the artistic and contractual structure of much current architecture, which […]

  From Various Syllabus Drafts: Why Computation? Current and emerging technological capabilities becoming available to architects results in a needed reconsideration of our responsibilities. CAD programs launched the practice into a phase of increased productivity and sophistication of designing and documentation. Beyond the ability to digitally ‘draw’ the image of a building, computation in design […]