Research –> MFP Schedule


9/16-9/22: Refining the Topic Through Speculative Questions,

  • Establishing questions on the topic
  • Establishing questions on my process:
    • How do the questions posed lead to the description of a problem? How and why is this relevant?
    • Establishing a position
      • Research: placing myself within contemporary thought
      • Begin written abstract draft on my current position on the topic. What are prospective connections to topics that are posed in the questions?
      • Refining Topic
        • How do the answers to the questions and abstract influence the refinement of my topic toward the formal Statement of Research

9/23 – 9/29: Statement of research topic       –              Diagramming topics and fields I am working within

  • Update abstract
  • Begin annotated bibliography
  • Refine research methodology: strategy and tactics

9/30 – 10/7: Establishing Research Methods – Presentation     –              Studio Premise Presentations

  • Update abstract
  • Determine and organize methodology for presentation, and update accordingly

10/7 – 10/14: Complete Annotated Bibliography – review of sources     –              Development of project through

  • Update abstract
  • Determine and organize methodology for presentation, and update accordingly

10/14 – 10/21: Project work in progress       –              Development through diagramming and visualizing research

  • Draft outline of research

10/21 – 10/28: Complete Abstract

10/28 – 11/18: Research Methods (methods to be refined)       –              Interim review of progress

  • Historical research
  • Review contemporary theories
  • Case studies

11/18 – 12/2: Writing in progress   –              Draft presentation of topic development and visualizations of research

12/2 – 12/9: Literature Review        –              From presentation to proposal for possible funding in spring (tbd)

12/9 – 12/16: Writing in progress   –              Draft final presentation and proposal

12/16: Research Prospectus              –              Final review of presentation and Proposal


Spring 2014:

Master’s Final Project Studio Work

Formal Presentations



Winter Break:

 From Design Thinking Broadly Applied to Final Project Agenda:

  • Draft potential presentation methods
  • Determine scope
  • Apply MFP Prep and Research to a design project trajectory

1/ 20: Studio Kick-off

  • Finalize methods of funding (grants, etc – tbd)

1/ 27: Thesis SLAM

  • Presentation of design topic and methods

2/7: SPCA Outline for Peer Review

2/10: Pin-up with guest reviews

2/17: Final work plan for spring semester

  • Project summary draft for peer review

3/17: Spring Break

3/24: Progress pin-up with guest reviews

3/31: Project draft #2

4/21: Draft Jury presentations

  • Complete outline for ALL presentation materials (placeholders)
  • Determine necessary final built work

4/28: Project draft #3

  • Jury booklet info
  • Grad form review

5/1: Grad Forms due

5/5: Project final draft

5/12: Final MFP Review

5/17: Graduation


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